Now you can control Deezer on your Apple HomePod with Siri

HomePod users can now ask for music from streaming service Deezer, with the Apple smart speakers expanding Siri support. The new voice functionality works with both the original, discontinued HomePod and the newer, smaller, HomePod mini.

With it enabled, owners will be able to set Deezer as their default music service. After that, commands like "Hey Siri, play Radiohead" will automatically use their Deezer account for that.

If you don't set Deezer as the default then, as with other music providers, there's the ability to ask Siri to select specifically from the company's catalog. For that, you'll need to tag "on Deezer" to the end of the command. For example, "Hey Siri, play Lil Nas X on Deezer" will pick tracks specifically from that service, not from whatever else might be set as your current default.

In addition, it'll support Deezer's custom playlists, which the company calls Flow. They're personalized soundtracks, based both on favorites you've actively selected, but also recommendations based on that content. It also takes into account the music you commonly play from the broader Deezer catalog, and the genre and artist preferences indicated when you first set up a Deezer account.

There's support for shaping that Flow playlist while you listen through HomePod and HomePod mini, too. Deezer supports using Siri to like and dislike tracks, along with using shuffle and repeat.

Of course, as you might expect, you'll need to be a Deezer paid subscriber in order to get voice control with Siri. That means being on the Premium, HiFi, Family, or Student plan. If you're a Deezer HiFi user, you'll get higher quality streaming too.

Deezer Premium is priced at $9.99 per month, with no ads, unlimited skips, and – though not supported on HomePod – offline mode for smartphone listening. Deezer Family is $14.99 per month for the same features, but with six separate accounts for a household. Deezer HiFi, meanwhile, is also $14.99 per month, though for a single account that has access to a catalog of FLAC High Fidelity tracks along with 360 Reality Audio music.

Deezer on HomePod will launch initially in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Spain. You'll find the option to link your account with your Apple smart speakers in the Deezer app, in the settings page.