Now you can buy Fandango movie tickets right on Facebook

Fandango, one the most popular ways to buy movie tickets online, has just partnered with Facebook to launch a feature allowing users to look up and pay for tickets right within the social networking app. In a surprising twist, it actually sounds like something that will be useful, unlike the whole messenger chatbot trend going on right now. Users can simply lookup a movie on Facebook, and buy their tickets right from the film's page.

Now, this feature isn't available everywhere or on every movie's page. It's seeing a limited launch this weekend with new movies like The Magnificent Seven, Storks, and Kevin Hart: What Now?, and assuming it turns out to be popular enough, will see a wider rollout in the future.

When a movie's Facebook page is supported, users will see a big blue "Buy tickets" button. If they're on the desktop, they'll just get rerouted over to Fandango's website, but if they're using the mobile app, they can complete the checkout process right there, including picking a theater and showtime.

Fandango explains that this feature is a move to attract the younger generations that are more accustomed to at-home entertainment like Netflix and YouTube. Since these users are already using Facebook all day, putting ticket options right on a page opens up situations like friends sending messages and event invites to hit the theater as a group.

Interestingly, Fandango isn't just betting on Facebook with this strategy, as it just released an iOS 10 app for Messages, offering the ability to buy movie tickets right within a text message conversation. Similarly the service is looking to offer the same feature within the Snapchat app.

SOURCE New York Times