Now you can also play Counter Strike on Android Wear

Just as smartphones have become really small computers, in the layman sense of the word, so too have smartwatches become even tinier equivalents. Given how humans have a natural inclination to tinker and push the limits, we knew it will only be a matter of time before someone takes smartwatches beyond their intended purpose. Indeed, we've seen such wearables run old console games or even old operating systems. This latest attempt definitely takes the cake for bringing the iconic first person shooter Counter Strike to Android Wear smartwatches.

First person shooters, FPS for short, by their very nature requires certain conditions from both players and the machines they run on. It needs hardware that would make it run reasonably fast, as timing is critical in FPS games. Players need to be able to respond fast as well, and would also need an input device conducive for that. And you'd probably like to have a more or less big screen so that you can take stock of an area without panning or turning too much.

Naturally, none of those are present in a smartwatch, which makes running an FPS game on it nothing but an exercise in creativity and futility. Sure, we've seen it done before, with DOOM made to run on an Apple Watch. But DOOM, though classic, is peanuts compared to the resources needed to run Counter Strike, so props to this port. That said, unlike in the DOOM port, there is nothing that could be done here other than walk or sprint around a map. It doesn't support multiplayer so there are no enemies to speak of.

This Android Wear port is actually just an extension of the main Counter Strike port to Android shown last week. While you're still going to be crammed for space compared to a real PC version, that version is at least more usable. And yes, that one supports multiplayer.