Notion Ink Tease "Big Day For Android" On December 6: Pre-Orders Or Gingerbread?

Notion Ink has put out another of its weekend updates, and it seems Adam is already going through FCC testing. The company also has a few teasers, including the suggestion that "6th December is another big day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink can work. (Eden is extremely compatible with 2.3)"; that could be a hint that pre-orders will open on the 6th, that Android 2.3 Gingerbread is set to launch on that day and Notion Ink will be quickly updating their slate to support the new version, or even that Adam will launch with 2.3 pre-loaded.

Meanwhile there are fresh details about the browser and mail apps, and what sounds like a note-taking app that can collate snipped screenshots and text from the browser. Interestingly, the company has also added in a password-protected email feature, which supposedly allows you to lock down a message to only the person you've sent it too; seems Notion Ink grew a little wary of email after seeing some of their developer early-application emails misused.

All six versions of the Adam slate have passed EMI testing – you can find details and pricing on the different SKUs here – and Notion Ink's sales and marketing team are now apparently in Europe, likely talking to carriers and distributors there. CEO Rohan has also confirmed that pre-orders will initially be limited to those who have commented on the company's blog, before opening up shortly after to the general public.

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