Notion Ink Battles Insinuations of Unevenly Bright Screens, Broken Cameras, Customer Service Stalls

It appears, if a few folks over at NotionAddicts messageboard are any indication, that Notion Ink is facing some heavy allegations from the first round of pre-order customers. Amongst these allegations are that Notion Ink is purposely stalling out on customers looking for refunds so that their 7 day return period will expire and it'll be more difficult (and more costly) to get their due exchange.

It is the story of Rambler (aka Rambler358) that sparked this whole conversation, his thread covering the receiving of the Adam tablet all the way to his current predicament: waiting for Notion Ink to respond to his several attempts at getting a full refund, frustrated because they've provided him little to no help in the issues he sought to fix: a physically broken camera, a blotchy screen, and broken links to help files throughout the system. Check out a lengthened and more detailed account of this situation over on Android Community

Then we've got to ask – does it seem normal to you that this tablet has seen so much good press leading up to its release, followed by so much bad press after its pre-release has been sent out? Or do you think that most devices have these sorts of problems, and its just the fact that Notion Ink has been so seemingly open about their process that the bad press seems so surprising and newsworthy?

[Via Android Community]