Notion Ink Adam pre-orders shipping around January 6 2011 [Updated]

With only hours to go until pre-ordering for Notion Ink's Adam tablet goes live, the big question has been when customers can expect their Android slate to be delivered. We've been talking to CEO Rohan Shravan, who has confirmed that the first batch of pre-ordered Adams will be going out around the same time as CES 2011.

That's January 6th to 9th 2011, if you don't have the CES details firmly ingrained on your memory. Not quite the pre-Christmas shipping we were hoping for, but as long as Notion Ink stick to schedule there should be some belated present opening at the start of next year.

The entry-level LCD WiFi Adam is $375.33 (rather than $399) while adding 3G takes it to $425.33. As for the Pixel Qi model, that will start at $499.95 for the WiFi-only version and climb to $549.99 for the 3G version. Two versions of 3G modem will be available – one for the US, the other for Europe/Asia. Full details here.

Update: Notion Ink's lack of solid hardware proof is leaving us, like many, concerned, and the company is now claiming the tablet will ship in 6-8wks, not around CES 2011; more details here.