Notion Ink Adam pre-orders from 1.30pm EST: Price-cuts & more

Notion Ink has announced pre-order information for their Adam tablet, with the slate going on sale to existing commenters at 1.30pm EST today and then on general sale at 7.30pm EST. The tablet has also seen some price movement – in the right direction – since we reported the company's preliminary figures: the entry-level LCD WiFi Adam is $375.33 (rather than $399) while adding 3G takes it to $425.33. Pricing and more details for the other models after the cut.

The transflective Pixel Qi model will start at $499.95 for the WiFi-only version and then $549.99 for the 3G version. Two versions of 3G modem will be available – one for the US, the other for Europe/Asia – supporting different bands, hence taking the total to six SKUs.

Contrary to some guesses – ours included – Adam won't have an NFC sensor; instead, the company says the "secret" hardware is yet to be unlocked by a future software update. There's also no active digitizer, but you will be able to hook up Adam to a computer and use it as a touchscreen or a touchscreen-keyboard to control it.

Interestingly, Notion Ink has also done some work to integrate some Android 2.3 functionality only on the 2.2 Froyo OS that the slate will ship with. For instance, there's VoIP/SIP support and native OpenGL, together with improvements in cut/copy/paste functionality. It'll also use the 2.6.35 kernel, and come with a few different keyboard layouts – all of which support multitouch – including a split-keyboard for typing while also holding Adam.

Those who have previously registered and commented on the Notion Ink blog will get their pre-order invitations via email; six hours later, general pre-ordering will begin. The company is yet to confirm shipping dates, however; we're chasing that detail up now, and we'd like to see some live photos too. As soon as we get something, we'll update and let you know.

Update: We've just been updated on shipping estimates.