Notion Ink Adam gets live video run-through

Notion Ink has released demo video of their Adam Android tablet in action, with the company's innovative Eden UI and multitasking panel engine getting a real-life workout rather than simple video renders. Coaxed into a run-through by Android Police, the demo shows Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan moving through the tablet's custom apps – including the ereader, "Canvas" paint app and more – together with its USB connectivity.Video demo after the cut

Those USB ports can be used for thumb-drives or for plugging in peripherals; in this demo, a wireless mouse. However they will also work with keyboards and other external devices like drives. The panel interface is a departure for an Android-based tablet, showing three apps at a time that can be swiped left and right or rearranged at will; there's also the stacked view in the screenshot above.

As for performance, there's some lag in moving between the panels, but pinch-zooming generally looks smooth and the various multitasking control bars and other custom features seem to work well. We'll obviously have to spend hands-on time with Adam ourselves to see if it lives up to the promise, but we're feeling particularly excited about what early January will bring.

Per Rohan video above is "100% shot again, in sunlight with PQ, with 4 more app running in background."