Notion Ink Adam battery drain list tips HD video streaming

Chris Davies - Oct 29, 2010, 2:33am CDT
Notion Ink Adam battery drain list tips HD video streaming

Battery estimates from manufacturers usually hover in-between “hopelessly outlandish” and only “if you leave the device in your pocket”, so it’s good to see Notion Ink being upfront about their Adam slate’s power limitations.  After saying that with “normal” use the Pixel Qi equipped tablet managed 15+ hours of runtime, the company has now put together a list of ways in which you can gnaw that down to just 6hrs.  As you might expect, heavy use of HD video, GPS, the camera or Flash can all be relied on.

The full list is below, and we’re particularly interested in the potential for streaming HD video over wireless from the Adam’s rotating 3.2-megapixel camera.  As with any mobile device, day-to-day runtime depends very much on how you actually use it: if you spend your time browsing and reading ebooks then you can probably expect a whole lot more from your battery.

  • Play 1080P continuously with full brightness and at full volume (displayed as 1024 on Adam and not via HDMI to TV) (no idle time)
  • Play YouTube Flash videos on Wi-Fi or 3G network (no idle time)
  • Use Streaming 3D maps on 3G network with GPS
  • Record HD Video and stream it over the Wi-fi networks
  • Play an augmented reality 3D game with camera input over the network (wi-fi of 3G)

[via Android Community]

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