Notebook desk features built-in fan and speakers

Abby McVay - Jun 4, 2008

Some of us have or have had that laptop that is way too hot to just place on your lap. Either you feel like you’re in a sauna or it gets so burning hot it ends up scalding your lap. Even my MacBook doesn’t get super hot, but after a little while it gets to be a bit obnoxious.

This cute little desk not only keeps your laptop from sitting directly on your lap, but it also has a fan to keep it cool. The fan is said to be “ultra-silent” which, disturbs me a little, doesn’t silent mean no sound? If silence means no sound, how can it be ultra-silent?

The desk also has two 5W speakers as well as a 10W subwoofer. It also has an input for MP3 players, game consoles and portable DVD players.

[via gearlog]

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