NorhTec Gecko Edubook gets hands on treatment

Computer makers have been trying for a long time to get netbooks for the education environment and developing nations to the sub-$100 price range. One of the most recent machines to aim at the magic price point is the NorhTec Gecko Edubook. Earlier this month we talked a bit about the NorhTec Gecko Surfboard from the same company.Liliputing has gone hands on with the Edubook and it is an interesting little netbook. The machine has an 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 display and runs Windows or Linux operating systems. The machine runs on rechargeable AA batteries, eight of the things to be exact. The CPU is a 1GHz Xcore86 CPU that uses 1.2W of power and the entire machine needs only 6.5W to operate.

To hit that magic $99.95 price point you do have to buy 100,000 of the things. If you only want one it will set you back $199.95. Liliputing says the keyboard is uncomfortable small for adult hands and the rig is no speed demon. Considering it's designed for kids in school and for low price not performance, I guess it does just what it needs too. You can get better machines for the $199.95 price tag a single system commands though.