NOOK Tablet available for pre-order now, demo videos released

This week we've gotten our first glimpse of the Barnes and Noble next-generation e-reader and multimedia device, the NOOK Tablet, and now on the day of announcement it's been revealed that the tablet is already up for pre-order. Below what we've got also is a couple of Barnes & Noble created presentation videos for the NOOK Tablet, both a 360 degree view of the device and a tour of the device by everyone's favorite B&N spokesperson, Kate! Have a peek!

The NOOK Tablet is a reader's tablet, as Barnes and Noble say, and is made for text-based products for the most part. On the other hand, you can also watch 1080p video from Netflix and Hulu plus amongst other sources, each of these available right out of the box. Have a look at what the device is comprised of here in this 360 video below. Also note that for the most part, this is essentially the same chassis design as the original NOOK Color, just shaved down a bit with some different guts – have a look at our week-long review of the NOOK Color for a better idea of what we're viewing here:

This next-generation NOOK is up for pre-order now at Barnes & Noble's online store for $249, with free shipping and a ship date of November 18th. Take note of how this device compares to the Kindle Fire, its primary opposition, with some choice words from Barnes and Noble CEO William J Lynch Jr. And finally, have a look below at the tour of the NOOK Tablet with Kate!

Look like the device for you for this holiday season? We'll see how this tablet stands up against the Kindle Fire in the coming weeks!