NOOK Kids for iPad Released [12,000 Books for Kids!]

Chris Burns - Mar 1, 2011, 6:07 pm CDT
NOOK Kids for iPad Released [12,000 Books for Kids!]

Barnes & Noble continues to up the ante in free apps meant to spread the book love from their library straight to your face, and not only via their popular NOOKcolor and Nook devices. The newest installation into this ever-growing group of reading programs is NOOK Kids for iPad. This app is totally free and contains access to more than 12,000 children’s chapter books – each of them with the ability to look up words, take notes, zoom, change text appearance, and more! This of course is in addition to a collection of nearly 300 digital picture books in a completely kid-save environment on the iPad.

This is the app you want if you’ve got an iPad and you feel like its time to stop letting your kid only play Angry Birds and Pocket God – have them read! And if your child is too young to be reading chapter books, there’s the magnificently awesome AliveTouch technology that allows little kids interact with picture books, two free examples of which are included with the free download. Elephant’s Child by Rudyard Kipling and Fun Facts about Pets by Seymour Simon.

All of these feature Barnes & Noble’s Read to Me feature that lets your child follow along as they see their stories unfold. This app is being released aside a minor update to the NOOK for iPhone app (v2.1.1) that allows users to register their Barnes & Noble account from their device in a simpler way, adds an orientation lock, and sets in motion several other improvements requested by customers. Download both from your iTunes App Store today!

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