Nook Color First To Get Angry Birds With Location-Based Magic Places

Rovio has been busy developing a new location-based feature for its immensely popular Angry Birds game. The new game format called Angry Birds Magic will have real-world tie-ins that let users unlock extra game content depending on where they're physically located. Today, we find out that the lucky users of Barnes & Noble's Nook Color e-readers will be the very first to try out Angry Birds Magic.

Angry Birds Magic works by using either NFC or GPS data to unlock special game content. For instance, if you have an NFC-enabled device you will be able to tap it with another NFC-enabled device or with a location-specific NFC tag to unlock extras. GPS data can also be used to determine your location and reward you with extra content depending on where you are.

Barnes & Noble was able to snag a sweet deal with Rovio to have the Angry Birds Magic debut on the Nook Color. When Nook Color users are connected to the Wi-Fi network at a Barnes & Noble store, they will be able to use the "Might Eagle" bird for free. The Mighty Eagle is an all-powerful bird that destroys everything on screen. In return, Barnes & Noble will be making room for Angry Birds merchandise and even offer free Angry Birds stickers and temporary tattoos.

The Nook Color slots in between an e-reader and a tablet, as it sports a full color screen, runs Android OS, and even offers web browsing, apps, and email. More advanced users have even been able to root the device to run their own custom ROMs. The Nook Color currently sells for $249.

[via VentureBeat]