Nolan's 'Interstellar' gets official Google promo hub

Interstellar, the new science fiction movie from the Dark Knight trilogy-directing Christopher Nolan, has just become the first movie to have a Google-powered official website. Dubbed the Interstellar Space Hunt, the web hub opened on Friday evening thanks to a deep collaboration between Google and Paramount Pictures.

The website includes all the usual information you'd expect from an official movie page, including options to buy tickets, a synopsis, as well descriptions about the different formats the film can be seen in, including digital projection, 4K, 35mm, and 70mm IMAX. But where the digital hub goes beyond the typical fare is with exclusive content that is spread across various Google platforms, including YouTube, Google Play, and Google+.

While not really a game, the Interstellar Space Hunt has you blindly navigating deep space in search of stars that can be clicked on to direct you to movie images, character bios, as well as information about the history of man's exploration of space. There is a link to an actual game too, available on Android-powered phones and tablets, which allows users to create and explore their own solar systems.

Interstellar is set to be released worldwide on November 7th, and stars Matthew McConaughey as an astronaut searching deep space for a new planet that humanity can relocate to before Earth becomes completely uninhabitable. Check out at the latest trailer for the movie, released earlier this week, below.

VIA Mashable