Nokia's Windows Phone 7 Apps Will Work On Rival Devices

Nokia's very first Windows Phone Mango device leaked recently, dubbed the "Sea Ray." The slick handset will be getting some custom apps developed by Nokia, but it's been reported that those apps won't be exclusive to the Finnish handset maker. Senior vice president of Developer and Marketplace at Nokia, Marco Argenti, revealed these plans during an interview in London.

Pocket-Lint met with Argenti, who discussed Nokia's plans to develop several dedicated apps for Windows Phone 7 that will also be available to rival manufacturers, including HTC, Samsung, and LG. This is an interesting move because most handset makers try to create dedicated apps exclusive to their devices to differentiate their products from the competition.

"Every Nokia App will be available on every phone," said Argenti, although he later acknowledged that some apps will be exclusive to Nokia users for a limited time.

However, the main area that Nokia will be exclusive on is in mapping. Argenti did not go into details, but it does appear that Nokia will be integrating many of the features that users are familiar with in its Ovi Map service. There will be an emphasis on discovery and 3D mapping, all tightly integrated into the OS and pushing Bing Maps down to a secondary option on Nokia phones.

[via Pocket-Lint]