Nokia's Cinemagraph update brings GIF export

There's an update for the app called Cinemagraph out there this week that allows the user to export the media created by the app through the camera of the mobile device it's on. With the original release of Cinemagraph, users were able to share their moving-image creations with the ecosystem created for the app itself. With this release, the app is opened up to a much more free system.

This update to the Nokia-made app also brings on some other upgrades, one of them centered on performance improvements. This app moved quick from the start, but as it is with each release, this update brings on an improvement in the code from start to finish. Below you'll find the SAVE screen before this update hit.

NOTE: You'll also find that, per our review of Nokia Lumia 920, there WERE ways of getting these GIF files out if you really set your mind to it, but this is the first time Nokia offers the saving through the app itself, straight up.

The other bit boost in this release – Cinemagraph 4.0 – is location data, given a bump for better integration with Nokia Storyteller. So even as Nokia offers up the long-awaited way to keep the media out of their network, they offer up a great incentive to stay. If you want your GIF files to keep their location data, if you want to make a map of all of your creations, you'll still want to stick inside Storyteller – or with Nokia Memories, if you please.

Another bit that might keep you inside Storyteller is the fact that if you safe a GIF from Cinemagraph, the only way to share it as a GIF is to send it to your PC with Bluetooth or a USB cable. Sending a GIF saved from Cinemagraph through an email results in that file being re-saved as a JPG. Make with the transport!