Nokia World 2010: We're here

Nokia World 2010 kicks off this morning, and we're with the Finnish company in London, UK, today to see if they can announce a portfolio of devices and services that will eclipse the last few days' high-profile exec departures.  On the cards is the Nokia N8, the Symbian^3 smartphone Nokia hopes will turn around their mid- to high-tier fortunes, but we're also expecting quite the spread of featurephones and enterprise-centric devices.

Whether Nokia will be able to truly grab headlines depends on how well they leverage MeeGo, the collaborative platform with Intel that the Finns have already earmarked for future high-end NSeries devices.  Twelve months ago, at Nokia World 2009, it was the N900 that surprised us all by being a sleeper-hit of sorts; now Nokia needs another distinctive flagship to pull them through the mire of Android and iOS they find themselves in.

That's the challenge, and we hope Nokia can rise to it.