Nokia Windows 8 tablet due June 2012

Nokia is trying to get some of that market share it has been bleeding to Android and iOS smartphones back. Nokia is still one of the largest shippers of mobile phones in the world, but most of its sales are low end and mid range phones, not the profitable smartphone category. Nokia hopes to change that with new devices like the Lumia 800 Mango phone.

While that Lumia 800 is just now hitting stores in the UK, Nokia is looking ahead to future innovations and products to woo consumers back to the brand. We have been hearing rumors of a Windows 8 tablet coming from Nokia for a while now. Nokia's head in France has now confirmed that a tablet is coming from the company.

According to Paul Amsellem, the Windows 8 tablet from Nokia will land in June of 2012. That is a specific launch confirmation for something that has been rumor until now. Naturally, changes and delays are common in the tech world on both the OS side and the hardware maker side so a lot could change between now and June.