Nokia wearable patent tips incoming smartwatch [Update: Video]

Details of a Nokia wearable leaked a short while back. At the time there were some images of what appeared to be a Nokia branded smartwatch, though the details were a bit lacking at the time. But it now looks like some additional evidence has appeared. This time around we are seeing a filing from the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

This particular filing brings talk of a "multi-segment wearable accessory." As you can see from the included sketch, this appears to be a bracelet that has multiple available panels with each one being assigned a specific task or purpose. As we often see with these types of filings, the description is a bit open ended.

This one mentions a "virtual segment" and talks about how a particular segment may be replaced with presentation of another. Basically, from what we are seeing in the filing, it looks like Nokia is working on a wearable that will have multiple display options. Touching back on the earlier bit, each of those will serve a different purpose.

Each screen presented on or capable of being presented on the display of a segment of the multi-segment wearable accessory may be considered a virtual segment, and the number of virtual segments may be greater than the number of physical segments of the accessory. One or more of the virtual segments may be associated with one or more of the segments in an overlaid configuration, such that a topmost virtual segment is presented for viewing while another virtual segment lies below the topmost virtual segment, hidden from the user's view. A virtual segment may be replaced with presentation of another virtual segment in response to rotation of the accessory.

Or in other words, it looks like you will be able to move this around your wrist to access whichever display happens to be on top and visible to the eye. Aside from the filing, the sketch does appear to have some similarity to those earlier leaked images. Those earlier pics were not all that detailed, however they do seem to have the same block like appearance.

Time will tell what we see from Nokia, but at this point it would not be surprising to see a smartwatch or similar wearable. We have recently seen the Samsung Galaxy Gear, not to mention the talk still coming in regards to something from Apple and Google.

VIA: Engadget