Nokia Tune Goes Dubstep With Prize-Winning Remix

Nokia has revealed the winner of its Nokia Tune contest, the company's search for a 21st century update to the classic "diddle-uh-duh" jingle familiar from millions of handsets, and it's quite the departure. The handiwork of 22 year old Italian sound designer Valerio Alessandro Sizzi, the Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition will show up alongside the default ringtone on 100m Nokia devices in 2012.

"I made a dubstep version of the Nokia Tune. Dubstep has become massively popular during the last two years (even if its roots are definitely older) between the "hipsters" from all over the world and the production of a dubstep track is something really challenging, as a producer. I just thought as a sound designer that a sparkling, up-to-date and with a certain coolness version of the Nokia Tune would have been perfect to attract young and "cool-hunting" customers. I just thought: if you want to give the fresHest product to a costumer, you better make it "sound" as freshest as you can, also!" Valerio Alessandro Sizzi

While it may not be the default, Sizzi's dubstep remix still stands a chance of getting some regular play. Nokia estimates that the original Nokia Tune – which debuted on the 2100, shown above – is heard over 1bn times every day, though we imagine by now many people simply tune it out thanks to over-familiarity.

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That's unlikely to be the case with the new dubstep version, however, which may not quite be to the taste of Nokia's more traditional users. Still, it was enough for "thousands" of people to like it and net Sizzi the $10,000 prize. You can hear all the entries here; let us know what you think in the comments below.