Nokia to spend big money promoting Windows Phone Lumia series

Back early in October we mentioned that Microsoft was leaning on HTC and Samsung to dig deep into the marketing budget to promote their Windows Phone smartphones. It doesn't seem that Microsoft had to do much leaning at all to get Nokia to dig deep to market its new Windows Phone packing Lumia 800 and other devices in the series. Nokia plans to kick off a marketing blitz that will make it hard for consumers to not know about its smartphones.

Nokia has unveiled the interesting Lumia 800 smartphone this week and the device looks really good. It will launch next month in Europe, but it will be early 2012 before the smartphone hits the US. Elop has said already that Nokia plans to spend big on marketing. According to Elop, Nokia will spend three times as much marketing the Lumia series launch than it has spent on other launches.

CCS Insight London analyst Ben Wood has said that consumers won't be able to "turn a corner, look at a TV or surf the web" without seeing an ad for Nokia. It makes sense that Nokia would spend big, if its tie up with Microsoft and Mango fails this could be the end of Nokia. Nokia has been hard hit with share in the vital high-end smartphone market plummeting under pressure from Android and the iPhone.

[via BusinessWeek]