Nokia teases new Lumia, tells Samsung to 'take note'

Nokia has told Samsung it had better watch its back, because there's a new Lumia on the way. Yes, you read that right, Nokia is trying to strike fear in the heart of Samsung – the worlds most popular Android manufacturer – with a new Windows Phone. Even better was the fact that this went down through Twitter, and we love a good Twitter throw down.

The tweet you see above comes from Nokia's executive VP of sales and marketing, Chris Weber. This definitely isn't the first time Nokia has taken pot shots at Samsung, or Android phone makers in general for that matter, as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop seems quite fond of doing just that. The only problem is that Android is far more popular than Windows Phone, so there's a lot of catching up to do if Nokia wants to secure true bragging rights.

That isn't to say that Nokia is crap and Samsung is the best ever. Nokia has something to be proud of in the Lumia 900, and with Microsoft offering developers plenty incentives with Windows 8, this team-up – which Nokia reiterated its commitment to yesterday – could actually go somewhere. Nokia is obviously confident in this next generation Lumia, and if Microsoft can deliver a worthwhile operating system in Windows Phone 8, then Nokia has every reason to be confident in the pairing.

Is Nokia about to become a rising star in the smartphone world? That's hard to say. The company has fallen on hard times as of late, but with the Lumia line, we see it beginning to hit some of the right notes. Still, the immense success of Samsung devices like the Galaxy S III is going to be really hard to top, so if Nokia wants to truly top Samsung, it'll have to work hard. Stay tuned, because this definitely isn't the last time we'll hear Nokia give a word of warning to Samsung.