Nokia teases green-themed event; new Android handset?

Nate Swanner - Jun 20, 2014
Nokia teases green-themed event; new Android handset?

Nokia’s X lineup, Microsoft’s true end-around play for Android, has been met with some confusion and disappointment. It seems the company is at it again, teasing an event with that familiar Android green they used the first time around. Is it a followup to their mid-range Nokia X?

There’s no way to know that, as Nokia hasn’t released any followup teasers. We’ve got a pretty 70’s poster, and a “green with envy” tagline. The X2 may have already been spotted in benchmarks, giving off similar vibes to the X. A Snapdragon 200 and 1GB RAM were included in an AnTuTu test there, which wouldn’t be so much a follow-up as it would a re-release.

We recently reviewed the Nokia XL, considering it a bit lacking for any market. Though Nokia is aiming for emerging markets int he EMEA region, their handsets need a compelling reason for any user to snap them up. There isn’t one, and if the specs discovered via testing are accurate, the next X phone won’t either.

We won’t concentrate on hardware, though. Nokia is simply teasing something green, which makes us all assume Android, and hardware. They may be revealing a new direction, maybe even implementing Google Play. Thankfully, we only have a touch over three days before we find out, as the reveal comes on June 24th.

Source: Nokia

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