Nokia talks the future for devices and innovation

With a few exceptions when I think of Nokia, innovation doesn't really come to mind. I tend to think of handsets that are behind the times frequently and lack the features that many people want. Considering the slipping market share Nokia has been seeing, many consumers are staying away from Nokia smartphones and devices in increasing numbers. Nokia is working hard to change that though and the company is talking about the future of innovation and devices.

One of the big areas that Nokia wants to innovate on is the user interface. That is a good place to focus too because the usability of a phone is every bit as important as the hardware on the inside. Nokia says that innovation in the UI design will lead to faster interactions and more natural and simple use that users see value with and saves them time performing tasks with the device. Back in 2009 Nokia tipped a new user interface called the Linked Internet UI Concept that would learn about the user as it was used, the UI would tag images of the same person and over time predict things the user would like to read and push them to the device automatically.

A UI such as that, that actually works would be innovative indeed. Nokia is also innovation in other places too with the 3D eye tracking system of its phones tipped earlier this month that sounds a lot like the Nintendo 3DS, which allows finger tracking in 3D space. The coolest paragraph from Nokia's blog about innovation comes in the ways that Nokia is looking at offering control for the UI of its device. Nokia is looking beyond things like gesture control with contextual choices and perhaps even thought projection. That sounds farfetched, but how cool would it be to think about what you want and have your smartphone do it. Nokia also teases a sneak peak at "Jessie's Girl" in the weeks to come.