Nokia Research develop cellphone radar [Video]

From projected touchscreens to cellphone radar; it's obviously trendy right now to develop non-traditional interface methods.  Nokia's Research bods have been playing with a new system of electromagnetic waves, which can be used to track movement around a specially adapted N95 even when there's an obstacle in the way.Video demo after the cut

Technical details are scarce, and it's not entirely clear how the N95 has been modified beyond the electromagnetic array, but the demo below basically shows the handset tracking not only speed but direction of movement.  As for obstacles, the phone's radar can "see" through fabric, which means it could feasibly track movement even if it's in your pocket.

The demo uses the system to control media playback volume, but we can't imagine that's all Nokia have up their sleeves here.  At the very least, it could be used for alerting you someone is creeping up behind you to steal your smartphone.