Nokia Ovi event tips "big news" on Jan 21st

Is the thought of an update to Nokia's Ovi mobile download store enough to drive you into a frenzy of anticipation?  We can't quite believe that will be the general reaction, but when Nokia start talking about "big news" they have to share and their on-device download store in the same sentence, it seems pretty likely that they're hoping to refresh and relaunch with Ovi 2.0.

While there are many more Nokia handsets out there than iPhones, Apple's App Store has always been more headline – and, frankly, user – friendly than Ovi.  The download store has been accused of being difficult to navigate, filled with confusing installation messages and poor at even recognizing which device you're accessing it from; in short, the perfect candidate for a refresh.

SlashGear will be at the Nokia event this coming Thursday January 21st to bring you all the details.  Although software stores like this aren't, perhaps, as instantly interesting as new hardware, Apple have shown that they can end up a significant revenue stream for both owner and developers, together with a draw to the platform itself.  Nokia really need to get Ovi right if they're to rebuild their momentum.