Nokia N95 has no problems with streaming media

Nokia's N800 might be intended as your lazy-day web surfing companion, but there's been some controversy as to how well the tiny tablet can cope with such niceties of the modern online world as streaming video.  Well, maybe the N800 has issues but it's good to see that the N95 smartphone certainly doesn't; in this clip, Steve Garfield has a good browse of YouTube and Rocketboom on the handset, proving that it's perfectly capable of mobile media. As Steve points out, this is exciting not only for the potential to enjoy yourself on the bus (without getting told off by the driver) but as the first time that a single handset can "record a video, upload it via WiFi, then subscribe, download and watch."Watching YouTube and Rocketboom on the Nokia N95 Cellphone [Steve Garfield's Video Blog]