Nokia N900 Shipping "End Of October" In US

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Having dithered around its release date like a forgetful felon, the Nokia N900 looks to have finally been granted a more or less official launch window.  According to the official US Nokia store, the N900 will begin shipping at the "end of October 2009"; that tallies with what Amazon UK were saying back at the end of September (October 26th), but the mega-retailer has now changed its tune.

In fact, at time of writing Amazon's launch date has slipped into November, to be precise November 2nd.  That's only just outside the October window, certainly, but for people who've been sitting on their N900 preorders for some time now it's another few days pain to endure.

Amazon US, meanwhile, are not even giving a release date, only accepting preorders, but they're offering a not-insignificant $66 discount compared to Nokia's official $649 MRSP and free shipping to boot.  $66 buys quite a few bags of popcorn, so we'd be tempted to suck up what could be a few days' delay and save money where we can.

Nokia N900 unboxing:

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[via N900 Blog]