Nokia N900 runs Mac OS X 10.3 (slowly) [Video]

Nokia's N900 is developing quite a name for itself as a great platform for hacking, and after seeing the Maemo smartphone dual-boot Android a week ago, now it's the turn of some classic Mac OS X action.  Toni Nikkanen managed to get Mac OS X 10.3 – the Power PC version – running on his N900, though to be fair it's not a native install; instead, the Apple OS runs in the PearPC emulator.Video demo after the cut

Because of that, it's not exactly a usable implementation; in fact it's more a very slow proof-of-concept rather than anything else.  According to Nikkanen, it took over an hour and a half to boot and get to the "About this Mac" dialog shown above, and he had to do some heavy editing in order to avoid viewers falling asleep during the video below.

We'd plump for a Maemo/Android mixture, then, over OS X, but we bet there are Apple-lovers eyeing up this project and wondering what might need to be done to shave OS X 10.3 down to a more usable size.  Nikkanen is also the same guy who got Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 3.1 running on the N900.

[via Engadget]