Nokia N900 previewed: "wholly different league" to Symbian

Perhaps the stand-out device from Nokia World this year was the N900, the Finnish company's new internet tablet/smartphone crossover.  The final production version still isn't on the market, but that hasn't stopped "preview" reviews from those with access to prototypes, covering both Maemo 5 and the N900 hardware itself.  My-Symbian have just pushed out a four page article doing just that, and they're more than a little excited.

Areas warranting particular praise include performance and stability, the UI design and the N900's decent support for Skype.  Less impressive are the keyboard – which could do with being a little larger, something we concur with – and the storage limitation for installable apps, which is a mere 256MB.

Now it's worth remembering that any preview right now isn't using final software, and we won't see that until Nokia actually release the N900 (or just before).  Until then, anything could change, at least with Maemo 5, up to and including battery life, performance and how the OS makes use of the N900's hardware.  Still, early pieces like this tell us one thing: there's a huge hunger for a flagship Nokia device, and it seems the company are getting more right than wrong with the N900.

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