Nokia N9 Ice Cream Sandwich port gets video demo

After last week's proof-of-concept shots of Android 4.0 running on Nokia's N9, port-meister Alexey Roslyakov has returned with a video demo of Ice Cream Sandwich on the ordinarily MeeGo smartphone. Roklyakov's hack turns the N9 into a dual-booting device; hitting the volume key during boot stops MeeGo from running and instead brings up Android 4.0.3.

There are still several issues still to be overcome before Android on the N9 is a realistic prospect, however. Currently the battery indicator isn't working – the N9 says it needs to be plugged in, though it's clear from the video that that's already the case – and network connectivity is also non-functional at present.

When we last saw evidence of the hack, OpenGL support was also causing headaches. That's implicit to the N9's 2D/3D graphics, and without compatibility in the ICS port using Android on the Nokia smartphone would be less than comfortable.

Still, an early alpha is promised as in the pipeline, and hopefully as more people weigh in on the hack the coveted 3.9-inch MeeGo phone might get a second wind as dual-booting demand flourishes. More on the N9 in its untampered form in our original review.

[Thanks Kevin!]