Nokia N9 gets PR1.1 update bringing Swype, NFC, and more

It's time to tap the update button, ladies and gentlemen, on your MeeGo-toting Nokia N9, because PR1.1 is ready to go, and it's got one heck of a lot of presents coming along with it. This device is Nokia's current king of mobile – if you don't count the Lumia, that is, and this update to version version 20.2011.40-4 brings the pillowy, brightly color, magic machine all sorts of new tricks. Imagine yourself with music controls on your lock screen, color filers for you camera, and the ability to close an application by simply pulling it downward with your finger!

This update will be coming to you N9 holders over the air over the next few days and weeks, so keep on tapping away at your Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications until it pops up for you. What you'll be getting in this update includes, but is not limited to, the following list of items.

- NFC tag reading to instantly interact with NFC tags

- Music controls on lock screen

- Photo and video shooting with color filters: black & white, sepia, vivid, negative, solarize-

- More powerful multitasking with improved memory handling

- Swype for fast typing

- Faster MfE synch, synchronizing only active folders

- Nois cancellation reduces background noise so that your friends hear you better

- Close apps easily with swiping down, this now on by default

- New indicators for standby screen like charging and calendar

For those of you without the device, you'll probably want to check out the rest of our news on the Nokia N9 from the past few weeks to see what you're missing. Also note that this device was given Spotify at the end of October and continues to receive support from Nokia as its number one device. Love and kisses! Also note we've got a full review of the Nokia N9 for your enjoyment.

[via Nokia]