Nokia N810 Tablet Controls Full Theater Sound System

As usage applications go, this is perhaps not applicable to most – I doubt many people have access to a Yamaha 01V96 digital mixer – but it's a cool implementation of a UMPC/MID device nonetheless.  Part of a Nokia Internet Tablet thread on the Internet Tablet Talk forums, it's a quick guide to using VNC to remotely control a full theater sound system from the touchscreen of a Nokia N810.

"The Thinkpad controls my Yamaha 01V96 digital mixer, and the N810 gets there through VNC.  The resolution is perfect. All 20 faders fit onscreen, no scrolling.  I've been mixing some simple shows from a seat in the audience.  Even for the hands-on and chaotic shows,  being able to tweak the balcony speakers from the balcony,  and set the stage mix standing next to the musicians, is simply amazing" user 'dubwise'

Basically, the setup uses a VNC connection to recreate the Yamaha mixer on the N810's touchscreen.  What's interesting is that the display is of a high enough resolution to display all of the mixers, faders and other controls without scrolling or being too small to actually use.

We've seen wireless touchscreens used for this sort of application before, but they tend to be proprietary systems and generally very expensive. 

[via Pocketables]