Nokia N8 in-stock in UK

Chris Davies - Oct 13, 2010
Nokia N8 in-stock in UK

Read our Nokia N8 review and tempted by a 12-megapixel Symbian^3 smartphone of your own?  If you’re in the UK then you’re in luck; the company’s online store is showing all color versions of the N8 – bar the blue – as in stock and ready to ship.

If you want the blue one, you’ll have to wait until late in November 2010 unfortunately.  Nokia is offering it both as a SIM-free, unlocked device for £429 ($680) and with a new agreement, with the N8 handset free on new, two-year £30 per month agreements.

Curiously, the T-Mobile pricing on Nokia’s site is actually cheaper than the carrier’s own webpage: on their freshly updated tariffs there, you’ll need to spend £35 per month over that two-year agreement in order to get a free N8.  Online contract orders will apparently reach their buyers on Friday October 15th.

[via World of Nokia]

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