Nokia N8 demo video shows evolutionary Symbian^3 OS

Chris Davies - May 28, 2010
Nokia N8 demo video shows evolutionary Symbian^3 OS

Nokia N8 demo videos are in short supply, so we’ll take anything we can get in the run-up to the smartphone’s release.  Nokia Conversations have sat down senior product manager Chris Bennetts and got him to walk through the N8’s UI, messaging app, browser and maps.  If there’s anything we can take away it’s that the Symbian^3 interface looks to be more a case of minor evolutionary tweaks rather than the groundbreaking revolution we were hoping for.

Video demo after the cut

Still, that doesn’t come as a huge surprise, since the Symbian Foundation have previously admitted that the significant changes will have to wait until Symbian^4.  We’ll be satisfied if the N8 can deliver its OS slickly and without the lag we’ve sometimes observed in current-generation S60 5th Edition devices.  Hopefully the N8 investigations will get more in-depth in the second and third parts of the video, but for now nothing here can really be called a deal-breaker.

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