Nokia Maemo 5 Apparently Perfectly Acceptable For Carrier Customizations

Evan Selleck - Sep 11, 2009, 12:43 pm CDT
Nokia Maemo 5 Apparently Perfectly Acceptable For Carrier Customizations

It’s only been a day since we reported that Nokia was planning on keeping carrier branding as far away from the N900 and Maemo-enabled devices as possible, but it looks like all of that just changed. In a big way. And now, it seems that Nokia is taking a stand in the other direction, leaving us to wonder what the deal really is. Was our excitement misplaced? Or is Nokia just trying to calm the waters, before any real announcements regarding the upcoming N900’s release on carriers is released?

Nokia has come forward to clear the air, either way. They went ahead and put the clamp down, saying that the reports which “erroneously suggested that Nokia will not support operator customizations for Maemo devices are simply incorrect.” The full report is lengthy, but it basically boils down to the fact that Nokia is apparently very open to letting carriers customize Maemo devices, which obviously includes the imminent release of the N900.

Carrier customizations aren’t anything new, at least if you’re not on an iPhone, Android device, or the Palm Pre (or the upcoming Pixi). While social network integration seems to be one of the biggest common denominators in upcoming phones, carrier customizations seem to also be going by the wayside, at least by some of the bigger names in the business. Is this a good or bad thing? That really depends on what you like. If you’ve got AT&T and don’t mind all of their U-verse applications on your featurephone, then you’ve got no issues. But if one of the reasons you love your iPhone so much is because there’s no AT&T software on there, then you’ll probably be a little upset by this news.

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