Nokia Lumia 925 leaks a day early

Nokia's big surprise for Tuesday has apparently been revealed early, with the Nokia Lumia 925 being supposedly pictured in advance of its official unveil. The new Windows Phone, which Nokia teased over the weekend, has been pictured courtesy of arch-insider Evleaks, though technical details are still scant.

Nokia's teaser video yesterday – which debuted during a UK TV commercial – showed the back of the smartphone, complete with the tagline "More than your eyes can see." That led to expectations that it would bear a large-resolution sensor, the camera itself protruding slightly from the back-panel of the phone.

Nokia new Lumia teaser:

This new image, however, shows the other side of the smartphone. It's a more sober device than previous Lumia, more akin in color scheme to the Lumia 928 unveiled for Verizon's network last Friday, than the bright hues of more widespread models like the Lumia 920.

According to previous rumors, the Lumia 925 will have a metal body rather than polycarbonate plastic, though it's hard to tell whether that's the case from this leaked shot. It certainly looks to be thinner than the Lumia 920, which was criticized by many for its chunky casing that accommodated the optical image stabilization system to go with the 8.7-megapixel camera.

Exactly how many megapixels the Lumia 925 will offer is unclear. Some have speculated that the phone is the device so-far known by the codename "EOS", and expected to have an 808 PureView-like huge megapixel sensor. Other rumors have indicated the 925 is more likely to be the "Catwalk", which is tipped to have a more mainstream camera but a slender, higher-quality body.

We'll know more tomorrow, when Nokia takes the stage in London, UK, and reveals all. SlashGear will be there to bring back all the details.