Nokia Lumia 920 packs glove-friendly touchscreen

Nokia hasn't forgotten its Finnish roots with the Lumia 920, using a new "super sensitive touch" display that can be used even if you're wearing gloves. Unlike most capacitive touchscreens, which only recognize actual flesh in contact with them, the Lumia 920 has two different touch modes that are automatically switched between to suit what your fingers are wearing.

Normally, with bare fingers, the Lumia 920 works as a regular phone. When it senses the user is wearing gloves, however, it automatically switches into a more sensitive mode that allows navigation without you taking them off.

Nokia hasn't said exactly how the system works, but we doubt most owners will care about those technicalities. Instead, they'll be pleased to be able to pull out their phone when it's ringing and not miss a call, or check an incoming text message without having to pull off mittens with their teeth.

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