Nokia Lumia 900 DC-HSPA with Nokia Transport hands-on

Nokia's Lumia 900 HSPA edition doesn't break many new boundaries – we saw the LTE model at CES after all – aside from its DC-HSPA, but the new Nokia Transport app certainly promises to be useful. Another free preload in the fashion of Nokia Music and Nokia Drive, the app pulls in timetable directions for walking, trams, buses, metro services and more, all with an easily navigable UI.

The app automatically pinpoints your location and then allows you to search for a destination or from a list of recent searches. It's the results page that's really slick, however, with a scrollable, swipeable results page showing bars of journey duration, split down into how much walking and how much time on buses and trains you'll be spending.

Tap any journey and you can open up full directions, and the Lumia will also show you a map of the route too. You can pin frequent routes to the homescreen as a Live Tile, and see dynamically updated departure times for the next trip.

Nokia Transport will be preloaded onto new Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, as well as offered as a free download for existing owners.

Nokia Transport hands-on:

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As for the Lumia 900 DC-HSPA itself, it has the same heft as its LTE sibling, but delivers up to 42Mbps assuming your network supports it. That's a limited number of networks right now, too; Nokia says it doesn't have exact stats on which carriers have upgraded to DC-HSPA, but you're more likely to be using regular HSPA+ for the time being.