Nokia Lumia 820 get bumpers-laden Active Shells

With the Nokia Lumia 820 comes not just another Windows Phone 8 device, but a phone whose ready to bring you a variety of options on the outside as well as the in. We've already seen the standard case in our original Nokia Lumia 820 hands-on, then the Wireless Charging Shell in our extended hands-on. Now we're seeing that Nokia's plans don't stop there, they continue on with the Active Shell being revealed today, complete with protective bits galore.

This rugged shell is made from the same PC/ABS material that the other two shells are made of, but here you've got a rubber-like material for full reinforcement. This shell is made to be a softer concoction with an added bit of cushion around the front and edges. It covers the back on the corners but also creeps around the front edges just a bit too to protect the edges of the screen and the corners of your device on the whole.

This new set of shells will be available at the same time as the Nokia Lumia 820 here in the USA and will be available in matte yellow, green, and orange with a black trim. The trim is TPU and will protect the heck out of your Lumia 820 even if you're an often-dropper. Tuomas Reivo, Lead Designer on the Nokia Lumia 820, lends a bit of insight into the device as it stands here just before release.

"We've moved beyond just changing the colour of your phone. People can now decide how they want to use their phone, by doing something as simple as changing a shell to add a function." – Reivo

With all of the shells you've got here for the Lumia 820 you'll be working with materials that are colored in and of themselves – they aren't just coated with color. Should you drop one of these devices with a Nokia-made shell you'll not see off-colored gouges, that's for sure. Have a peek at our hands-on collection with this device and the Lumia 920 as well and get pumped up about the final release rather soon!

[via Nokia]