Nokia Lumia 1020 Used As Exclusive Camera For Wedding By Celebrity Photographer

To show off the camera on its iPhone 5s, Apple partnered with Burberry to be the exclusive recording apparatus for the runway show. Nokia has revealed that it did something similar for its megapixels-packing Lumia 1020, which was used exclusively by famous photographer Joy Marie Smallwood to photograph and record a real wedding. Taking a look at the pictures, we'd say the little handset did a mighty big job.

Nokia has the full-resolution shots available on its website, which those up for a bit of scrutinizing can check out. Less one be inclined suspect all the shots were taken in bright outdoors conditions, Nokia has a handful of shots up that were taken in low-light settings, including a couples shot taken in what appears to be a cave, and another shot that was taken in the late evening.

The Lumia 1020's camera features such things as Optical Image Stabilization and a wide aperture, as well as the massive 41-megapixels that eclipses what you'll find on most cell phones. Joy Marie describes the photographs that resulted from the Lumia as comparable to ones she gets with her DSLR, which is a pretty big honor for Nokia. Check out the video above, then head over to Nokia's website for the full-res shots.

Said the photographer: "The quality of the photos we took at the Cabo wedding using the Lumia 1020 were crisp with a great depth of colour and totally exceeded our expectations. The 41-megapixel sensor is pretty outstanding for a camera phone." Nokia goes on to state that it says something when both the couple and the photographer trusted a handset for photographing such a life event.