Nokia Here Maps removed from Apple App Store

When Apple tried to get away from using Google Maps on the iPhone for GPS navigation, its first attempt at its own maps was famously bad. The maps were so bad they led people to the wrong places in some instances and

resulted in Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizing

and telling iPhone users to take advantage of competitor's products until Apple Maps could be fixed.

One of those competing apps that popped up and tried to fill the gap was from mobile phone rival


. The app was called

Nokia Here Maps and launched in November 2012

. Nokia has now announced that it is pulling the Here Maps app from the App Store.

The official reason cited by Nokia is that iOS 7 messes up the user experience of the Here Maps app. Nokia says that fans of Here Maps can still access the service from the iPhone at no cost.

The problem for fans of the app and its offline caching feature is that the only way to access Here Maps is by using the mobile website. Presumably that will mean data charges apply if you aren't on WiFi. Nokia says aim your iPhone browser at to continue using its maps on the iPhone.