Nokia Hackerbox makes geeks work for their N900 [Video]

Nokia's product strategy may not meet with universal approval, but they can certainly teach most of us a thing or two about wrapping presents.  Mint Digital's Utku found a strange black box waiting for him at the office today, unmarked aside from a Nokia logo and a miniUSB port.  An included card pointed him to, and the combined tech minds of Mint Digital eventually managed to get the box open.Video demo after the cut

Inside – after a suitably theatrical puff of smoke – was a Nokia N900, together with a whole load of accessories.  They'd also dropped in Modern Warfare II for the PS3, a mini Christmas cake and a Starbucks gift card, together with – somewhat bizarrely – a small model of a fox.

It's obviously just a promotional thing – and it worked, we guess, since we're writing about them now – but we can't help but wish Nokia put the same magic and intrigue into their cellphone range as they did into this unusual box.  We're not saying we want to have to mount a phone and use Hyperterminal before we can make a call, but a shot of the unusual is what many of Nokia's phones seem sorely lacking in right now.