Nokia fires off invite with Lumia tease

Not content with letting HTC get all the attention this morning, Nokia has fired off a vague invitation teasing a Lumia update in our near future. Not much is known at this point, but the company plans to roll out something new at the Build 2014 event on April 2.

The invitation doesn't give much in terms of hints, but the company did drop a few more details on the Nokia Conversations blog, where it expands the tease. This isn't the company's first time showcasing Lumia at the Build conference, with it having set up a giant lightshow at last year's event.

This year is different, says the company, because of the relatively new Microsoft and Nokia partnership, and, as it says, "boy, have we got some treats lined up for you." The company has a #moreLumia hashtag lined up alongside the tease, for those who enjoy following it on Twitter.

It seems there are multiple things up Nokia and Microsoft's collective sleeves, hence the use of "treats", but what those will be is anyone's guess. Software will likely be in the talks, but we might also get a look at some new hardware in the mix of it all, as well.