Nokia EOS aluminum body prototype leaks: unlikely to hit market

If you're thinking the leaked photos you're about to have a peek at below are going to be released as a final-form Nokia EOS, you might want to re-think your summer smartphone buying strategy. What we're seeing here are several angles on a less-than-production-quality iteration of a Nokia phone – not quite the same as the EOS that we'll be setting eyes on in less than a month (July 11th, that is). What's a bit more likely is that this was a prototype of the smartphone or a potential body for a next-generation Lumia.

If you'll have a peek at the images leaked of the Nokia EOS below, you'll find that there are two completely different smartphones in this article. There are no two wireless charging case connection points on the metal body above, and the size of the lens "cap" is a different size entirely.

So several things could be going on here. First – and most likely – is the possibility that the ViziLeaks images are real, the pre-production testing model for the Nokia EOS that'll be revealed in full quite soon, while the "metal" edition is a model that will not see the market. Another possibility is that the Nokia EOS is actually that metal version, and that the ViziLeaks model was never meant to be seen because it's not coming to the market at all.

Third – it's possible that both models are coming to the market. The metal edition has a whole extra line running from the top of the phone down to the lens area, and the two phones are certainly not the same size.

Then there's the lens "cap" leaking alongside this metal version. Think about how this cap would have to fit on the smartphone body being shown here – the opening for the lens and the opening for the LED flash and sensor don't align with the holes on the prototype at all.

Instead we're betting on this cap being part of the real EOS – the one pictured with the XX instead of the 41 above. Stick it on there and it works perfectly fine.

So keep this all in mind – and don't expect the Nokia EOS to be running with a metal body right out of the box. Unless, of course, we've not seen it at all thus far – because this isn't it.

VIA WP Central