Nokia E7, Samsung i8700 Cetus, HTC Gold and Ace all dated in UK cellphone roadmap leak

Salt-cellars at the ready, but online phone comparison site Omio reckons they've got the scoop on some key UK handsets set to debut in the second half of 2010.  Billed as freshly leaked from an unspecified UK retailer, the roadmap contains such gems as the HTC Vision and hitherto-unheard-of HTC Ace arriving alongside the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 in October, while November will see HTC's first Windows Phone 7 device together with the QWERTY-blessed Nokia E7 and Samsung i8700 Cetus.

The Nokia E7 sounds a whole lot like the QWERTY-equipped Symbian^3 smartphone we've been seeing well-leaked in recent weeks, and that has been labeled the N9 or the N8-001/N8-002 by some.  Slotting into the Finnish company's Eseries line-up would make far more sense, given Nokia's move away from Symbian^3 in their Nseries devices; Omio say it has an alumium body, like the N8, together with a tilting AMOLED touchscreen.

As for HTC, their Windows Phone 7 device is tipped to be the HTC Gold, though no details as to specs at this stage, while the Vision we saw in the wild earlier this week.  No word on what the HTC Ace might be, though.  Finally, Samsung's i8700 Cetus – presumably named either after a mythological Greek sea monster or a constellation of stars also known as the "Water" – is similarly mysterious, though the naming links might suggest it runs the company's wave-themed bada OS.

Of course, this could all be hokum (Omio tell us they're 100-percent sure of their source) but we'll likely know if that's the case pretty soon – after all, it's July now so the first handsets on the roadmap should be appearing any day now.  More details – including the Nokia E5-00, Nokia X6 8GB, Samsung i5500, Sony Ericsson W20, BlackBerry Curve 9300, Nokia X2, Sony Ericsson Hazel and Yendo, and the Nokia N8 – at Omio's blog.