Nokia E7 gets expensive Jan 10th 2010 pre-order listing [Updated]

Nokia promised Q4 2010 availability for the new Nokia E7 business-centric QWERTY smartphone when they launched the Symbian^3 device back at Nokia World 2010, but according to retailer Expansys they might miss that window.  Their new product page for the E7 suggests it's due on Monday 10th January 2011.

They've also got it priced a fair bit higher than Nokia's original suggestions: the Finnish company tipped a €495 sticker for the E7, but Expansys are currently asking the equivalent of €688.  Obviously there'll be subsidized deals when the E7 hits the carrier market, but it doesn't bode well for SIM-free customers.

Still, there's a long time to go until the end of the year, and we imagine Expansys are looking to factor in some wiggle room both in terms of price and availability.  Nokia is yet to put up its own pre-order page for the E7, but we're checking with the company as to whether there's any change in the expected RRP or release.

Update: Nokia tells us that there is no change to the E7's Q4 2010 ship window, nor their pricing.  They point out that they have no influence over retailer pricing, and that Expansys – like other stores – set their own final figures.Nokia E7 hands-on:

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