Nokia Concept Video: Finland won’t roll over for iPhone

Chris Davies - Jan 29, 2007

John Tokash does his bit to remind us that the iPhone isn’t the only cellphone promising multi-touch input; in fact, Nokia presented a variety of concept videos back at their last conference, all making heavy use of finger-jabbing and stroking to move around the interface.

Although the run-up to the Apple cellphone launch is going to be fraught with leaks and snippets of hands-on information, for what it’s worth I think the aftermath of the release will be the most interesting period.  You could certainly argue that the cellphone market is one of the hottest contested and has the fastest turnover among current tech – here in the UK it seems like there’s a new “must have” handset every week – and you can bet the ass of your neighbour that Nokia, Motorola, Siemens and the rest are busily stoking the creative furnaces to usurp the iPhone before it has had much of a chance to sport its crown.

More video after the cut.

RingNokia [via John Tokash]

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