Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Makes Five Points for Success at Uplinq

Whilst hearing the big guns speak at Uplinq 2011, Qualcomm's show, we saw Nokia CEO Stephen Elop take the stage and outline five basic but large points for success. The first of these was to delight their customers. Certainly this is a point that every successful entertainment / productivity based company should be ready to do, certainly if they're working to sell products that will be the center of people's digital lifestyle, if you will. The rest of the points continued to make heavy amounts of sense.

The second big point Elop hoped to project was "Completing the mobile ecosystem." This essentially means that Nokia will have to make sure they've got all the different uses for mobile electronics covered. Will they be pushing for tablets in the future? We suspect that this is not out of the question, certainly. The third point Elop noted was to secure support from operators – will Windows Phone 7 be on all carriers in the future? We're sort of surprised this move hasn't been made already more in earnest.

The fourth point Steven Elop made for the future success of Nokia was that they;d need to broaden the ecosystem. NFC and biometrics will continue to require apps from developers to bring them to life. This includes big guns such as Rovio who'll soon be working with Nokia to bring Angry Birds Magic to the forefront of the NFC news world – expect Angry Birds to continue to be the boat on which many features float in on here with Nokia.

Finally #5 is to build the developer community so it continues to be compelling (and certainly it'll need to be MORE compelling than it already is) to jump on board the Windows Phone bandwagon. Lots of dev support is what Nokia's going to need to make this happen. We'll be keeping up with Nokia on this front, at Uplinq 2011 and outside the convention to see how Windows Phone 7 is developing – hoping for big things!